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you can request me for whatever you want BUT I'LL DO IT WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT


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Attention Floridian Friends
I copied and pasted this from my wife's :facebook: page (she did the same from someone else's page, so please do the same):
Florida Peeps:
South Florida Family and Friends! ❤️
I will be leading the Emergency Response Team for 911 Restoration. 
I am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst with Irma...
WE are a team of Retired Firefighter/Paramedics -including Adam Noble   who retired from FDNY and was on the Pit at 9/11--- who are veterans of several disasters and will be functioning in a Good Samaritan/ civilian disaster assistance role helping anybody in need before, during and after the storm....In any way possible..
We will be fully prepared with emergency response gear to help and will be staying here in South Florida in order to respond to the affected area immediately after the storm passes to assist with any human
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Same to you
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:50 AM
I always am here for ya ;3
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 12:48 AM
You are such a perverted sissy aren't you~
Thu Feb 16, 2017, 4:10 AM
:la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: PERVEEEEEEEERT:la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: <small><small>Ya... im bored... so I decided to stalk all my brothers and sisters Chika Smirk Icon
Mon Jan 30, 2017, 10:21 AM
I like breadsticks :D
Sun Jan 29, 2017, 5:29 PM

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It's uploaded

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 16, 2017, 8:52 PM
Our fanfiction is now uploaded and you can read it now.



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Hi my name is Jonathan and I am a 18 year old, and Guitarist, my Youtube channel is The SUDRIAN Metalhead
Current Residence: Washington D.C. Metro Area (Alexandria, Virginia to be exact)
Favorite Art Style: Anime
Favorite Genre of Music: Mostly Metal
Favorite Cartoon Character: Thomas the Tank Engine
Favorite Quote: A have alot Disgraceful Disgusting Despicable, IT'S OVER 9000
Religion: Christianity (but Messianic Judaism to be exact but I am against Zionism and Israel)

My 8Values Test:

My Fifth 8Values Test Results by ExtremelyBrutalDeath
A Fascist.

My Political Compass:
A Far-Right Social Authoritarian I am.
My Third Political Compass Test Results by ExtremelyBrutalDeath
Economic Left/Right: 7.63
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 5.44

My Political views: (I just recently became a Fascist)

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My Religious views: (I put both Christian and Jewish on here because I am a Messianic Jew)

Stamp: Christian by 8manderz8 Stamp: Jewish by 8manderz8 Miso-Islamist Stamp by The-Hylian-Metalhead

If you think I'm a self hating Bisexual if I support Putin then watch this video.……

And if you think the same if I support Trump then watch this too.…

If you think I am a self hating Messianic Jew if I am in favor of Hitler then watch this video…

I'm not a National Socialist though, I am a Fascist which is different but I do deny the holocaust and I think you should watch the documentary called "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told"

Anti Feminism. by DeltaUSA

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NOTE: I know that homosexuality is criminalized in Syria, and I don't like Assad but I think the U.S. should ally with him along with Putin against ISIS, so I don't like him but I support him because he would make a great ally against ISIS.

My Favorite Metal Bands:

..:: Death Stamp ::.. by frostmaster Ride the... Metallica stamp by dfmurcia Iron Maiden Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Megadeth by gigidelagaze black sabbath by krassrocks Dethklok :stamp: by Roy-the-wolf Cannibal Corpse by freakenstein1313 Slayer Stamp by MephistoFFF
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more coming soon

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My Favorite Animes/Cartoons (Will Update soon)

Stamp-DBZ by Boofrickittyhoo SOUL     EATER by 80avatarfan80 Bleach stamp 1 by SnapesImp Blue Exorcist fan stamp by JRWenzel .:FMA stamp:. by MintyMaguire FLCL stamp by Nine-tastic InuYasha Stamp - Animated by Petraea MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty Thomas the Tank Engine Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman


It's uploaded

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 16, 2017, 8:52 PM
Our fanfiction is now uploaded and you can read it now.

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Intro: Before a thousand years ago, the land known as Hyrule had a Pagan religion known as Triforcism. It was a religion that worshipped the goddesses who created Hyrule. Nayru, the goddess of Wisdom, Farore, the goddess of Courage, and last but not least. Din the goddess of Power. But sadly Hyrule had been Gannonized by Gannondorf and his religion he made up known as Gannonism. All ancient Triforcist Temples were destroyed and gotten replaced by "Churches of Gannon". But in the modern era the worship of Gannon has declined and modern day Hyrule is now a very Liberal and Atheistic society and is a Social Democracy similar to the Nordic countries. But the old ways of Hyrule still haven't come back and it's Triforcist roots have been shunned and forgotten for hundreds of years. This is the story of in Hyrule in 2017 of a young boy who played guitar and sings who was into Heavy Metal music (especially Black Metal) and he grew up in a Gannonist household. But he was fascinated by Triforcism and decided to convert to Triforcism. His name was Lutunk. (Intro ended)

Lutunk: *Leaves a paper at a music store for looking for a few members for a Black Metal band with my phone number* *The paper says: Looking for a few members for a Pagan Black Metal band with me as the vocalist and guitarist it could be up to 3 more members or it could be just 1 member who plays both drums and bass. The bands that influenced my music are: Trollech, and Moonsorrow* *He then puts in his phone number and waits a few days for a response*

The second day passes when he gets a call.

???: "Hey, i heard you're looking for a drum/ bass player?" "I'm interested."

Lutunk: "Yeah! What's your name and how old are you?"

???: "My name's Edunk and i'm 23."

Lutunk: "Cool, my name is Lutunk. I am 18. In my band our lyrical themes would talk about my Pagan faith Triforcism about Nayru, Farore, and Din which was apart of Hyrule's heritage until our land got ganonized."

Edunk: "Yeah, it's sad that such a good name was ruined by that evil bastard."

Lutunk: "Your a triforcist too?"

Edunk: "I believe that we should follow our own path, and that good names shouldn't be sullied by such filth." "Yes, i am."

Lutunk: "I agree! Want me to give you my address so you could drive to my house and we can play in my garage?"

Edunk: "Sure man!" *Picks up a piece of paper* "Okay, go ahead."

Lutunk: *Tells him the address*

Edunk: *Writes it down and heads out the door* "I'll see you in a bit. *Hangs up the phone and drives over*

Lutunk: *Waits for Edunk to arrive*

Edunk: *A few minutes later, he pulls up at Lutunk's house and waves. He gets out and walk up to him* "So, you must be lutunk?"

Lutunk: Lutunk: *Shakes Edunk's hand* "Yes, I am"

Edunk: *Uses a firm, but not crushing grip* "Well, it's nice to meet you."

Lutunk: "It's nice to meet you too. So what are your favorite Black Metal bands? And what bands influenced your music?"

Edunk: "I'd say Behemoth and Immortal are my favorites." "They just have that sound i just keep coming back too."

Lutunk: "Nice. So are you ready to get your gear and set it up in my garage?"

Edunk: "Sure, let's rock." *Starts moving his stuff in Lutunk's garage*

Lutunk: "I think I'll go and apply my corpse paint while you finish setting up your drum kit" *Goes to the bathroom to put on my corpse paint*

Edunk: "Okay, man." *Finishes setting up while waiting for Lutunk*

Lutunk: *Finishes putting on his corpse paint about 10 minutes later and comes back to the garage with a Triforce necklace on*

Edunk: *Nods his head* "Right on, man." *Starts to do a simple warm up on the drums*

Lutunk: *Grabs my guitar and does a warm up on it* "Hey, what do you think our band name should be?"

Edunk: *Plays a simple percussion warm up* "I don't know, but it should make a statement that we follow triforcism with pride."

Lutunk: "How about we just name our band after Lake Hylia? I got nothin' else."

Edunk: *Strokes his beard in thought* "Hmmmm, what about the force of will?" "It says we follow Triforcism while also saying that we go with the flow?" "We don't let some big wig ass holes tell us what to do?"

Lutunk: "That sounds much better!" *They both start playing and writing new songs and a couple months later release their first album and a couple years pass and they make a few more releases but it turns out they aren't gaining popularity from metalheads*

Edunk: *Start to get a little frustrated at the thought* "Mmmmm....." "I can't think of anything else we could do to gain some new followers."

Lutunk: "Well... I always wanted to... burn churches of Gannon. We could gain more publicity by doing that."

Edunk: "Hmmm, you know, that just might work." "Anyway we could stop that bastard's religion while gaining more followers is a damn good plan to me."

Lutunk: "Yeah, lets do it. But what do we need to do it? I never burned anything before.*

Edunk: "Well, we can make simple molotovs and gas bombs." "I'll show you." *Makes a few molotovs from half empty whiskey bottles and dirty rags soaked in the whiskey and heads to the store and but some fuel canisters, fill them up, and stick rags inside and comes back* "Okay, let's do this."

Lutunk: "Okay." *They look for a Gannonist church and they find one*

Edunk: *Notices no one is in the church and throws a few molotovs through the windows and makes a trail of gasoline to the back of the church and light the trail*

Lutunk: "This is gonna be awesome!"

Edunk: "Heh, hell yeah." *Finishes setting up as he watches it burn* "Burn...."

Lutunk: "FUCK YEAH!!!! BURN BABY BURN!!!!!"

Edunk: *Highfives Lutunk as he runs* "Let's get out of here before the cops show up!"

Lutunk: "Sure!" *Runs away with Edunk*

They run back to the house while Edunk pants heavily.

Edunk: "F-fuck yes!"

Lutunk: "That was awesome!"

Edunk: "Hell yeah it was!" "I'm telling you, this'll let people know we fucking mean business!"

Lutunk: "Indeed. Lets turn the tv on and see if the news has anything to say about it."

Edunk: *Turns on the news and a special report has started* "Two unknown arsonists have destroyed the first church of Gannon a mere hour ago. The only evidence supporting arson is a symbol of the shunned religion, Triforcism."

Lutunk: "I hope this gives our band more publicity."

Edunk: "It should, that's our symbol man." *Smiles while sitting back* "I feel so alive man, I have all this pent up energy that was released from tonight!"

Lutunk: "Me too! And I didn't know that was the oldest church of Gannon."

Edunk: "Me neither, it's just a damn good coincidence!" *Pats Lutunk's shoulder* "We did a good thing man."

Lutunk: "We sure did! But when will we get more fans and followers now?"

Edunk: "All we have to do is promote our new album and they'll notice our logo, trust me."

Lutunk: "Okay." *They write some new songs and a few weeks later they release their new album waiting for new fans*

Edunk: *Promotes the album online with the caption "the hylian fire starters will strike again if you believe that Triforcism has been branded in the wrong shade!"*

Lutunk: "Awesome caption!"

Edunk: "Thanks man!" "We need people to know that he sullied the name, we're starting a movement to bring it back!"

Lutunk: "How long will it take for us to get followers?"

Edunk: "Sadly, only time will tell." "But I know with this act, we will gain some."

Lutunk: "Yeah, we need help from other people to cast out Ganonism and as violently do so destroying it as Ganon imposed his religion to Hyrule and return Hyrule to a state of spiritual harmony"

Edunk: "Yeah, we just have to wait and see who joins our cause."

2 Months have passed, amd tje have amassed over 100 followers of the cause. They started burning down more churches of Gannon in the name of Triforcism.

Lutunk: "This is awesome! We have over 100 followers now."

Edunk: "Yeah, now we start to rally the troops and make a difference!"

Lutunk: "Lets do that!"

They gather their followers in front of the final church of Gannon in their town.

Edunk: "We will erase the mistake that Gannon has made by moving him from the equation!"

Lutunk: "That's right!"

The followers scream and cheer as we run to the church and set it ablaze.

Lutunk: *Helps them set it on fire*

Edunk: *Throws a few molotovs as well as i get the help of a few followers to piss on the altar they pray at*

Lutunk: *Also pisses on the altar*

Edunk: *Sets it on fire while smashing the pain glass. We all walk out the burning building, chanting "Down with Gannon!"*

Lutunk: *Also does the chanting*

They all watch the church burn down while the chant continues. The cops show up a few minutes later as we all scatter.

They go back to Lutunk's house

Lutunk: "Hey Edunk? Do you think we should overthrow this so-called democracy and restore the monarch back to Hyrule and find a way to resurrect Princess Zelda and get her to become Hyrule's princess again? And also bring back Link as well to help us?"

Edunk: "Yeah!" "Just one problem, how the fuck do we do any of that?"

Lutunk: "I have no fucking idea."

Edunk: *Taps my foot for a minute* "I think we can find out though.." "I have a friend who knows about hidden temples around hyrule with ancient scriptures that might help us." "He can translate them for us."

Lutunk: "Really? Then lets go and should we take our followers with us?"

Edunk: "Well, let's meet with my friend first to see if he can even help, then we'll get some of our followers to help us." *Starts calling his friend*

Lutunk: "Okay." *Waits for him to answer*

Edunk: *A few minutes later, he puts down my phone and smiles* "Robert says he'll meet us here in a few minutes." I can't help but be a little giddy. "This might happen man!"

Lutunk: "I am very excited!"

A few minutes later, Robert knocks at the door and Edunk let him in. He tells us about an ancient cavern that no one knows about except his family. He tells us to follow him, as it might have some dangerous traps inside.

Edunk: *He looks at Lutunk* "You wanna try it?"

Lutunk: "What choice do we have if we wanna complete our cause?"

Edunk: "You're right." "Let's go."

They follow him to a remote spot near the east side of Hyrule fields.

Lutunk: "Im very excited!"

Robert shows them the entrance to the old ruins, an abandoned mine shaft that's partially collapsed. Edumk lets Robert take the lead as they both follow behind him.

Lutunk: "This is spooky. But it's fine with me."

Robert leads them through the cavern to a natural cave formation found to the side of the mines. They head down a ways before Robert stops them. He shows them the wall of text that has Hieroglyphs depicting a way of resurrecting link and Zelda. Robert explains that they need to find their pieces of the Triforce to start.

Lutunk: "Okay, but how do we find them?"

Robert explains that we can track the pieces down by using a fairie's essence.

Edunk: "I think he means fairy powder?"

Lutunk: "Maybe, but I have no idea."

Robert has one clue, he says that their's an old woman who sells oddities at a local curio shoppe that might have some.

Edunk: "I think we should check it out."

He leads them out of the caves.

Lutunk: "Okay."

They walk to the shop and notice it's closed.

Edunk: "Dammit!" "We're gonna have to come back tomorrow."

As they wait, they hear some police sirens get closer as the police follows them.

Lutunk: "Oh no..."

Edunk: *Starts to run away as the cop catches his leg with taser and falls like a ton of bricks* "GGGGGGGo on without me!"

Lutunk: "Edonk!" *Keeps running*

The cops beat Edunk with their night sticks before arresting him.

Lutunk: "What do we do Robert?" *Keeps running*

Robert: *Shakes his head while running* "I don't know!" "I've never done anything like this before!"

The cops drive away as the put Edunk in the back.

Lutunk: "Should we go back and help EdUnk?"

Robert: "I-i can get my dad to help, he's a damn good lawyer!"

Lutunk: "Okay, I hope he is."

2 days pass before Robert's dad is able to free me due to false accusations. Edunk walks out of the jail with a huge bruise on his head and a swollen lip.

Lutunk: "Holy shit! Edonk, are you okay?!"

Edunk: *Wipes the blood from my lip and and breath with a wheeze* "I don't know."

Lutunk: "Do you think we can still do this and destroy Ganonism?"

Edunk: *Looks up at Lutunk with a bloodied smile* "Let's end this shit once and for all."

Lutunk: "FUCK YEAH!!!!!"

Edunk: *Gives you a firm pat on the back as we walk to the Curio Shoppe once more, this time it's open. We head inside to see the old lady, seeing if she can help us out. She cackles as soon as she sees us*

Old woman :"Hehe, welcome!" "How may i help you?"

Edunk: *Looks around a bit at the cramped little shop before asking "Well, we're looking for some fairy dust, do you have any?"

Edunk: *Looks at us up and down before smiling, showing her full set of healthy teeth*

Old woman :"Well, it seems i have one dose left, how about you take it, free of charge!"

Edunk: *Nods his head* "Thank you so much!"

Old woman: *Let's out a small giggle before waving her finger, beckoning us to the back room.

Edunk: *Look at you* "Uhhh, should we go?"

Lutunk: "Yes, we should!"

They follow her in to the back room where she starts to hum as they walk. Lutunk notices the room she led us to seems to be a shrine to Triforcism and all that it truly stands for. She turns around to us and smiles*

Old woman: "I know why you came here, i saw you on the news." "You want to defeat Gannon and restore the order of triforcism." "You are on a journey that will be written in the history books, and you don't even know it yet." *Hands them a piece of green cloth* "Sprinkle the dust on this piece of cloth in the hyrule fields." "The guide will help you find your way." *Smiles at us before turning to the shrine of Triforcism and mutters to her self* "I-i'm sorry i didn't give you the milk."

Lutunk: "Thank you so much Ma'am!"

She doesn't turn away from the shrine as she waves her hand at us, signaling us to leave. They make their way outside and notice it's getting dark.

Edunk: "I thought we came here at noon?" *Shrugs as they head to the fields*

Lutunk: "Yeah, that's very strange..."

They head to the middle of the fields where we sprinkle the dust on to the cloth. The cloth begins to shimmer as we see a fully armored specter knight appear before us.

Edunk: *Jumps back slightly at his appearance. *Starts to float east bound from their location* "Let's go!" *Follows behind him, hoping this isn't a joke*

Lutuk: *I also follow*

It takes them two hours following him before he leads us to an abandoned cemetery. He walks to an unmarked grave where he vanishes in the dirt. Edunk look around and find a shovel.

Edunk: "Well, i guess we have to dig."

Lutunk: "I guess so."

Edunk: *Starts to dig up the grave, against my better judgement. A few minutes of digging later, he hit something under the dirt* "Hey, i found something!" I shovel the rest of the dirt off to find a coffin with the Trifroce on it* "Woah." *Opens the lid with hesitation, revealing and empty coffin with an old ladder leading to a dark hole* "Lutunk, call some followers." "I found something big."

Lutunk: "Okay!" *Gets my phone out of my pocket and calls them*

A few minutes later, 5 followers come by as Edunk slowly heads down in to the cavern.

Edunk: "Okay, lutunk." "Follow me while the rest of you keep an ear out, we might need your help."

They start heading down in to the dark cavern as he uses his phone as a flashlight. They travel in the tunnel for what seems like an hour before we find a stone door with a carving of the night on the front. Edunk sticks his hand to the door, making the door pop loudly before opening slowly. Edunk looks behind the door to see the ghostly knight, kneeling down in front of a piece of the Triforce.

Edunk: "Holy hell."

Lutunk: "Oh my goddess!"

Edunk: *Walks over to the stand where the piece lies. The knight bows to me before pointing at the piece and reaches over and pick up the piece of the Triforce, causing the tunnel to shake. The piece glows bright as the knight bows to me again as he looks at Lutunk. "Uhhh, what does this mean?"

Lutunk: "I have no idea."

Edunk: *Holds the piece in my hands as the knight shows him an etching of link in the stone*

They hear a voice in their heads.

Voice: "You must restore this world to order." "Link's journey is not over." "Find the resting place in hylian lake, only there will you find the hero."

Lutunk: "Come on Edunk, we must go!"

Edunk: "I agree!"

They leave quickly through the cavern as their followers cheer us on when they see the piece. Edunk holds it above his head as they roar with spirit.

Lutunk: "Lets go find the next piece!"

Edunk: "Yeah, let's go to hylian lake!"

All of their followers march with us as gannon's troops meet us in the fields. They have full swat gear on as well as pellet shot guns and tasers.

Edunk: "Oh fuck."

Lutunk: "What the hell?!"

Gannon's troops walk up to them as they hold their weapons.

Gannon: "You're all arrested for disturbing the peace and vandalism you punks!"

Edunk: *Pulls a switch blade from his back pocket and hand Lutunk the piece without them noticing. "Go to hylian lake, i'll meet you there!" *Leads the charge as their followers charge at the guards*

Lutunk: "Sorry Gannon, but we are Black Metallers not Punks!"

Edunk: *Rushes up to one of the troops and stab his leg before grabbing his gun and firing at his other troops while our followers straight up maul them down and look at Lutunk with blood on my face. "GO!"

Lutunk: *Does as I am told and runs to Hylian lake as he sees a chopper with gunners fly by. When he gets to the lake, the piece glows as something at the bottom begins to float up*

Lutunk: *Notices it* "What is that?"

A water logged coffin with the triforce of courage on the lid rises up. The piece flies out of Lutunk's hand and on to the box, making the coffin shake. A few minutes later, a naked Hylian appears from the coffin holding a fancy looking shield and sword.

Lutunk: *Gasps* "Is that Link?"

The naked hylian nods his head while looking around. He notices he's naked and covers his self.

Lutunk: *Blushes red* "Who are you?"

Link slowly gets up as he pulls a worn green tunic from his coffin and puts it on. Lutunk notice the shield is the Hylian shield from the prophecy. The sword he holds is the giants sword. He looks around before grabbing Lutunk's shoulder.

Link: *looks at you with worried eyes as he sees the destruction behind him* "W-what happened?" "Did Gannon win?"

Lutunk: "No, he won't me and my friend Edonk will explain everything but right now you gotta help us defeat Gannondorf! We both know who you are."

Link: "Y-you do?" "I thought this world has moved on without the power of the Triforce." *Shakes his head before looking surprised from the loud explosion behind you* "I think we need to hurry!" *Runs with weapon drawn toward the explosion*

Lutunk: "I'm right behind you!" *Runs behind link*

They both run over to the explosion where many bodies lie, including Edunk's. Link notices some of Gannon's troops coming towards him. He rolls to the first guard with grace as he slays the first one with ease. The other two try to use ranged tactics, but link just runs and slashes without a wasted motion. As the last soldier falls, Lutunk hear me couch heavily while looking at you. I'm bleeding profusely out my side.

Lutunk: "LINK! Can you please help Edunk?!!!"

Link: *Leans down and notices the wound is still fresh*

Edunk: *Looks at you with a bloody smile once more* *Cough* *Cough*, I can't believe it's you!" "I-i knew we could do it........." *Closes my eyes while my smiles stays, my hand unclenching from the troopers neck*.

Lutunk: *Starts to cry*

Link: *Shakes his head while raising his sword* "I know who can bring your friend back." "We need to find her!" Link holds his Triforce of Courage up to the sky, revealing the location of the Triforce of Wisdom. "Follow me!" *Heads towards the location*

Lutunk: *Says nothing and follows Link*

Link: *Leads Lutunk to a small cave far away from the fields and helps you inside as he walks up to this weird looking podium. He places a bottle dust on the podium and releases it. "Please help us one more time, Navi." The dust flies around the room before flying down in to a crack in the ground, making a pool of water form in the cavern. A large, beautiful fairy appears in front of Link.

Navi: "Ahhh!" "Link!" "It's so nice to see you again!" "What do you need, my friend?"

Link: *Points to you as she floats over*

Navi: "What's wrong, my child?"

Lutunk: *Tries not to get emotional* "Edunk... My bandmate from a 2-man Black Metal band with lyrics based on our Pagan faith Triforcism... He's dead... And you probably don't know what Black Metal or any other kind of metal music... Do you...?"

Navi: "Sadly, i don't" "But i do know a true warrior when i see one." "I see your will is trying to stay strong, but you're too close to keep it." Navi hinks for a minute. "I have a way to help, but link..... this might not be the right thing?"

Link: *Walks over to the fairy and nods, making the fairy shed a single, sparkling tear. "If it will save the world." *Holds the hand of the fairy as the room fills with pure magic. The pool starts to swirls as she dives in. The pool becomes calm as nothing happens for a few minutes. Then suddenly, a ripple appears in the water as Edunk swims out of the pool with the Triforce of wisdom in his hand.

Edunk: "I told you i'll be back." *Gives Lutunk a warm smile while nodding to link*

Lutunk: "Edonk?! is that you?!"

Edunk: *Nods his head as he hugs Lutunk* "In the flesh." "The fairy gave her life for me, it seems we're destined to finish this once and for all." *Looks at Link* "We can do this together, you're not alone this time."

Lutunk: "Good idea, lets go!"

They run with link to the fields as they see an army of Gannon's men on the horizon.

Edunk: "Oh shit!" "Link, the fairy told me the princess is buried in the place you were destined, what does that mean?"

Link: *Thinks for a moment before his eyes widen* "She's buried in Hyrule castle!"

Edunk: *Looks at Link with concern* "But the castle was buried underneath the city." "Maybe there's a chamber in the sewers!" *Leads you both to the sewer ducts where he climbs in first* "We need to go now!"

Lutunk: *Starts to climb*

They head down to the sewers where we see Gannon's men have already found the area.

Edunk: "Crap!" "The sewers are flooded with them!"

Link: *Runs ahead and attack a few of them as they pass by* Okay, we need to sneak around and take them out."

Edunk: *Looks at Lutunk and smiles* "Let's do this Lutunk."

Lutunk: *Smiles back* "Yes!"

Edunk: *Sneaks around the corner where he sees two guards relaxing and looks at Lutunk. "Okay, you take the left one, i got the right." "On three, one, two, THREE!" *Runs to the guard on the right and quickly subdue him before snapping his neck*

Lutunk: *Runs to the guard on the left and use a pocket knife in his pocket and stabs the guard 23 times just like Varg Vikernes from the band Burzum stabbed Euronymous from the band Mayhem 23 times*

Edunk: *Looks at you while dropping the body. "Dude, calm down." "We need to conserve our energy."

They meet up with link again as we see the door they were guarding. Edunk walk up to the stone door and turns to Link.

Edunk: "I think this is it."

Link: *Holds the piece of the Triforce up to the door, making it open for us*

Edunk: *Peak my head inside to see the skeletal remains of Princess Zelda* "Oh my god, it's her!"

Link: *Walks up to her with the Triforce of Wisdom in hand and places it on her remains, making them glow with fairy magic. Her body becomes whole again as she opens her eyes to see Link*

Zelda: "Is it truly you?"

Link: *Nods his head*

Zelda: *Embraces Link with a hug before she looks at Edunk and Lutunk* "You must be the ones the wise sage was telling me about." "He told me two voices of the people will save this world from the rule of Gannon where link cannot."

Lutunk: "Yep! That's us!"

Edunk: *Bows to the princess before smiling* "It is honor to meet you, my princess."

Zelda: *Bows her head in response as Edunk get up. She looks at us with concern* "Gannon has destroyed the master sword and melted the pieces down using a forge made by the grand demon himself." "Killing him with it is not an option." "You must use your voices to rally the people against the dark oppressor once and for all!"

Link: *Nods his head at her response*

Edunk: Turns to Lutunk. "Let's make an army."

Lutunk: "Yes! And can some of them be our followers?"

Edunk: "I think that's what she was referring too, Lutunk." "Now, we must go and find the people!" *Feels like a million bucks as they head out of the sewers and on to the peak of the hill where we see the people and the soldiers fighting and raises his voice* "People of Hyrule!" "The time has come when we fight against the evil Gannon once and for all!" *Looks at Lutunk* "I think they need a call to battle, what do you think?"

Lutunk: "I definitely think the same way."

Edunk: *Call our followers for some help. In a matter of seconds, they bring our trailer with our equipment, ready to play and starts playing the opener to Journey to the End by Windir*

Lutunk: *Starts playing the same song on guitar*

It seems the battle between the people and the soldiers take a turn for the better as our music seems to rally the people, releasing their inner warrior. Their followers take a stand as they leap in to action themselves. Edunk look down and notice our equipment has an aura to it, thanks to the great magic the Triforce holds. Edunk plays with all his heart as the people overtake the soldiers with only a few casualties. The people cheer and roar like a crowd as they thank them for their song.

Lutunk: "Wow, they really liked it!"

Edunk: "Of course they did!" "We're the freaking force of will!"

The cloud above the fields get worse as Gannon himself appears from the clouds. The people start to panic as Edunk tries to think of something to do. Gannon emerges from the clouds in his true form as he starts rampaging through the crowds.

Edunk: *Turns to Zelda* "What do we do?!" "We're just musicians!"

Zelda: *She leans in and whispers a song to them which was Warrior's Quest by Ensiferum*

Edunk: *Looks at Lutunk* "Well, I hope this works!"

Lutunk: "I hope so too."

They start to play their damn hearts out as Gannon wastes no time in decimating half of the crowd in a single swipe of his sword. They start to play faster, and harder as Zelda and link hold hands, channeling their energy into us. As their song finally rally's the crowd, a break in the dark sky reveals the three great fairies of legend as they descend from the sky. They followed Edunk and Lutunk from the heavens, using the Triforce's aura as a beacon. They combine their holy power as they absorb the energy of the three pieces of the Triforce to charge their attack. Gannon is enraged by this as he charges the three maidens in a blind rage. With only a few seconds to spare, they fire off the powerful beam of light that pierces right through Gannon and the dark cloud he came from, causing they sky to finally clear up after a long cloak of shadow. The light shines on the field to reveal the devastation that Gannon has wrought.

Zelda: *Turns to us as the maiden slowly ascend* You have freed these people from the evil forces of Gannon using the power of voice to change the world." "Upon this day, Triforcism will be known as a true religion, and that anyone can join, no matter their race, or sex."

The crowd roars and cheers for them as they chant their name.


Lutunk: "They love us! Edonk!"

Edunk: "Hell yeah man!"

They keep playing until night falls as the people start to rebuild the ancient temples of Triforcism to it's former glory. A few months have passed since the day Triforcism has been restored. People worship at the temples every single day, restoring the light in all of Them that protects us from Gannon's dark ways. Gannon's remaining troops were either killed or converted by the light of the Triforce. Edunk and Lutunk now reside as leaders of the new first temple of Triforcism. Thanks to the help of the Triforce, they are now known as the voices of light in the eyes of the people, helping guide those who lost their way. Edunk's retired from the band to become a full time pastor at the temple of Triforcism. Zelda and Link have returned to their peaceful slumber, as they await the return of the evil force that will never truly leave. We walk up to the podium where their supposed to give the first sermon of the new temple,

Edunk: *Looks at Edunk* "It's all yours man."

Lutunk: "It's all mine? What do you mean?"

Edunk: *Leans in and whisper* "Give the first sermon."

Lutunk: "I don't even know what to say, but I would like to give a speech."

Edunk: "Just say something from your heart, they'll love it either way." *Pats Lutunk on the shoulder while smiling*

Lutunk: *Smiles back* "People of Hyrule, for a thousand years this place has been under tyranny under Gannondorf and his religion stole everything from our faith Triforcism, like out national holidays. And a few years ago I decided to form a Black Metal band with Edonk. And our lyrical themes were about our Pagan faith Triforcism. And this Gannon worship has declined in the modern age of Hyrule and mostly an very secular and liberal social democracy like Scandinavia, which is still better than the majority worshipping Gannon but the old ways of Hyrule have been forgotten. And some time after we formed our 2-man Black Metal project, we still weren't getting any followers so we burned down the first church of Gannon along with every single other one. Now for those of you who don't know what Black Metal is, it's a subgenre of metal music" *He explains everything about Black Metal and if you wanna know exactly what he says then watch this video before reading any further… * "Now as you can see, just like when the Black Metal scene in Norway burned down Christian churches to bring back Paganism we wanted to use Black Metal to burn down the churches of Gannon in the name of Triforcism."

The people bow their heads in honor of the lives lost during the rebirth of the religion before softly clapping from Lutunk's speech. "In the light of the triforce, we will always shine bright." They all put their hands together in prayer as Edunk looks at you.

Edunk: "We restored the light to it's former glory." "All thanks to you."

It's finished

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 11, 2017, 7:12 PM
Our LOZ fanfic The Voices of Freedom is completed, now all I have to do is upload it.

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Legend of Zelda fanfic coming soon

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 11, 2017, 12:44 AM
Me and my friend :iconmastamike619: are roleplaying in our notes and we've decided to turn it into a fanfic when we are finished. It's called: The Legend of Zelda: The Voices of Freedom. And this fanfic also involves metal music too so for all you Zelda fans who are into metal this is gonna be a fanfic for you. But it's not finishes yet. But you guys are gonna love it.

And something else, Link is NOT the main character of this fanfic.

Awesome Russian Folk Metal song

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 4:28 PM
This song makes me very proud of my Slavic Heritage, even though it was not the birthplace of my ancestors!

Which one of these 2 countries would you rather be gay in? 

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